Collaborating with you

The most effective rehabilitation is collaborative, where you’re working closely with someone who understands you as a person – not just your injury but your context and capabilities, so that you can recover at the right pace.

Once you’ve been assessed and diagnosed by a clinical professional, we will recommend a program of rehabilitation for you.  This will be in our rehabilitation gym, which is a unique facility here in Christchurch at Bridge Health & Wellbeing.

Rehabilitation Classes

The rehabilitation classes are designed to help you build your strength, confidence and correct movement patterns. You’ll start with gentle exercises, gradually moving to more complex ones as you gain strength.  You will be supervised by a member of the team and will work through your program of exercise in a small group, of no more than 3.  You will receive close individual attention allowing you to progress and gain confidence in your exercises, optimising and enhancing your recovery.

Reviewing your progress

Every person’s recovery is a little bit different, some can be quite quick, others more gradual. Either way, it’s important to know you have support and follow-up when you need it, that is why we recommend regular follow-up sessions with your clinician to monitor progress and review your rehab exercises.  We could also look to start you in an appropriate a studio class.

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