Preparing for Skiing

Preparing for your ski holiday

Skiing is an extremely popular holiday with usually a week  of non-stop activity (both on the slopes and off!) so take some time to get your body ready for it.

Here are some ideas of things to do before and whilst you are away:

  • Get fit – most people only ski one week a year, putting your body through a lot of activity that potentially it isn’t ready for or used to. We see more injuries occur when you are fatigued or tired as you are not in as much control of your body.  Being fitter and stronger will really help.
  • Practice – if you don’t ski regularly or are not very confident it would definitely be worth visiting a local ski slope before your holiday so that when you go away you are prepared.
  • Check the weather – skiing in a blizzard is never much fun so don’t get caught out.  More importantly in soft conditions you are more likely to catch your edges and twist and in more icy conditions you are more likely to lose control and fall onto hands and shoulders.
  • Wear a helmet – protecting yourself against a head injury is vital. Every year the slopes get busier and with the improvements to ski equipment, people are skiing harder and quicker, if you were to collide with someone you want to make sure that you are well protected.
  • Ski safely – be ready to slow down, stay alert to changing conditions and ease up at classic blind spots, such as uphill slopes and points where the ski traffic merges.  Try to avoid large crowds and take a wide berth around other people – especially novices – will also dial down the risk factor. The downhill skier always has priority so be mindful of this when on a crowded slope.

Look out for our next ski related article which will include some exercises you can try in preparation for skiing.

Paul O’Connell – January 2020

Owner and Physiotherapist

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