“In September, when I first came to the Bridge Health & Wellbeing clinic, I was experiencing unexpected leg buckling which felt like a sudden smack in the back of the knee resulting in collapse. I was using a stick in the house or feeling walls and furniture on my way from room to room.

Since Christmas, I haven’t suffered any more collapsing of the knee. My walking has improved inside the house and outside with Nordic poles. I managed the promenade (1,000 steps according to my step-counter) and I’m feeling very pleased with my progress.

Thank you ever so much, Louise. I’m really grateful for all the help that I’ve had at the clinic and at home with your live Zoom Pilates classes.”

From Trish, Christchurch

We are so pleased to hear that Pilates has made such a positive difference for Trish and that her problems with leg buckling and knee collapsing have been significantly reduced.

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