Lockdown 3: Physiotherapy still available and wellbeing classes on Zoom

Here we go again…… So what does the latest lockdown mean for Bridge Health & Wellbeing?

Physiotherapy still available

Physiotherapy will continue to operate during the lockdown as people can still attend medical appointments. We will continue to wear full PPE, screen all patients for COVID-19 symptoms and justify all face-to-face appointments to ensure they are clinically necessary.

We will continue to offer virtual video and telephone consultations and offer these to all patients when appropriate. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Paul if you have any concerns or book your appointment online today.  

Sports Massage is cancelled

Sadly all sports massage appointments will be cancelled and rescheduled until the guidance changes.

Wellbeing classes go live on Zoom

All classes will return to Zoom until we are otherwise advised. Louise has put together a Zoom class timetable on Team Up which includes Pilates, Yoga, Chi Kung and Mindfulness, with both daytime and evening classes.

You are able to have unlimited access to ALL Zoom classes for £50.00 a month. There is no sign in period and payments will be prorated from the day you make payment. Your payment will be via Team Up and this allows you to manage your own class bookings. Please make sure you only book into a Zoom class. The Zoom links will be automatically emailed out to you via Team Up in advance of the class. Please remember you password as you will need this to log in.

For those that can’t Zoom, your outstanding classes will be frozen ready for face-to-face classes to return, we hope to see you soon.

In the meantime, we really hope you all stay safe. This is our opportunity to finally get control of the virus and look to get back to some form of normality over the next few months. Please act responsibly, follow the guidance and stay at home 🙏🙏

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