Health and wellbeing support through Lockdown 3.0

Sadly, the restrictions imposed by the government in lockdown 3.0 look to be in place at least until the end of February, if not longer. So, it is more important than ever that you feel emotionally and physically supported. Here we have put together some ways you can get help if you need it:

I’m in pain!

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Medical appointments can continue during the lockdown and you can still book appointments with your GP. But the impact Covid is having on the NHS is making this very difficult so why not book for a physiotherapy appointment instead? An initial Physiotherapy consultation includes a full examination and assessment of your condition/injury. The consultation can even take place online via Zoom or over the phone, if you would prefer not to leave you home and visit our clinic in Christchurch, Dorset.

Our initial aim will always be to rule out any serious injury or medical problem and give you a clear diagnosis. Our highly experienced physiotherapist can then set you on the right path to recovery with treatment and rehabilitation.

I’m waiting for surgery!

Unfortunately, waiting times for orthopaedic surgery have been increasing as the impact of Covid has taken hold. This means that lots of people are stuck in limbo. Doing some gentle exercise, even with an arthritic joint, has been shown to help with pain and function. This gentle exercise could be provided by a physio or in one of our online wellbeing classes like Pilates, yoga or Chi Kung.

What if my rehabilitation has been affected by Covid?

If you have had recent surgery, like a knee arthroscopy or hip replacement, and you can no longer access NHS physiotherapy, we can help. We can deliver face-to-face physio, especially if you are in pain or struggling with your recovery. We can also review your progress together and design additional exercises to complement your existing recovery plan via Zoom.

Working from home is making me feel quite isolated

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Although some people enjoy working from home, others are struggling with the imposed isolation. There is no ‘one size fits all’ remedy for this. But here are some ideas:

  • Make sure you are taking regular breaks from work, including a proper lunch break
  • Try to go for a walk or cycle during your lunch break, to get away from your desk and get some much needed fresh air
  • Join an online class – this could be a physical activity class like Pilates or something like Mindfulness
  • Set up a quiz with your work colleagues
  • Turn off your laptop/emails at the end of the day, to properly finish work and start your evening
  • Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep

The most important thing is to be honest and reach out if you are struggling. Employers should be providing support and/or you could speak to your GP. Whilst for some people, the longer the lockdown goes on, the easier it becomes to cope. For others, the anxiety and stress builds up further as the months go on and they need to reach out for support.

Here at Bridge Health & Wellbeing our expert team of physios, sports massage therapists, Pilates and yoga instructors are on hand to answer any questions or queries you might have. This can be in person, via email or over the phone. Please feel free to give us a call on 01202 473800 or email

We also have lots of information on our blog and plenty of ideas for exercises and short Pilates classes on our YouTube channel and our Facebook and Instagram pages.

So let’s get moving and get through lockdown 3.0 together.

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