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Drawing of a male torso, posterior view showing massage points

Pandemic Posture

Avoiding Neck Pain, Stretching, Massage, Posture & Workspace set up Amid the spread of Covid-19 and a lockdown in place, many of us are faced with a “work from home” situation. As the home office becomes the new norm, it’s easy to fall into bad posture habits or end up with a workspace that makes

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Diagram of the ankle in inversion & eversion

Ankle Sprains

The ankle Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries we see. Usually involving the foot and ankle turning inwards (inversion) and damaging at least one of the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. It is possible to twist the ankle outwards (eversion) but this is far less common. We must always be

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Runners foot & ankle going up stairs as part of ankle physiotherapy.

Common foot and ankle injuries

The foot and ankle are made up of a large number of bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons and connective tissue (fascia) with the main purpose of absorbing load and force (landing, change of direction, deceleration etc) and locomotion (walking) all of which can be affected by foot and ankle injuries. Bony Anatomy: The ankle is made

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Preparing for Skiing

Preparing for your ski holiday Skiing is an extremely popular holiday with usually a week  of non-stop activity (both on the slopes and off!) so take some time to get your body ready for it. Here are some ideas of things to do before and whilst you are away: Get fit – most people only

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