person with knee pain possibly due to arthritis

Arthritis – How can I manage my symptoms?

Arthritis, in particular osteoarthritis, is one of the main causes of pain and disability that we see in the clinic. It can be extremely restricting and sometimes results in a significant intervention like a joint replacement. But there are lots of ways to manage the symptoms and lead a very active lifestyle, despite having osteoarthritis.

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Person skiing on snow

Skiing exercises to get you ready to hit the slopes

Have you booked your skiing holiday? ⛷ Are you ready for the slopes? 🏂 You may have been waiting a long time to finally get back on your skis after COVID travel restrictions. So it’s more important than ever to work on your ski fitness right now. Don’t leave it until just before your holiday

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Running in winter: 5 tips to stay safe

Now that the clocks have changed, the days are much shorter. All those hours of darkness can make it hard to motivate yourself to get out of the house and do some exercise. Safety is a valid concern too if you’re planning on doing something like running in winter. But staying active is so important

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Woman bending her elbow who may have hypermobility syndrome

What is hypermobility syndrome?

Our sports massage therapist Sam Sam Meehan-Vandike talks about what hypermobility syndrome is and how it can be treated. “Joint hypermobility syndrome is when you have very flexible joints and it causes you pain. You may also think of yourself as being double-jointed. Do you struggle with: Joint instability or pain? Frequent bruising / stretchmarks?

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woman with a headache

Headaches: What are they? How can you treat them?

Headaches. Mysterious. Sometimes debilitating. They can cost millions in lost time and productivity. And finding out more about them can be a headache in itself. Our massage therapist Ella Proven talks about understanding this common pain and effective treatment. “Did you know there are over 150 different types of headaches? Tension headaches are some of

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Photograph of pregnant woman who may want a pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage: What you need to know

Did you know that you can benefit from a massage at any stage of pregnancy? From the first trimester, all the way to postpartum, massage therapy offers a host of physical, psychological and emotional benefits. Receiving a massage during this extraordinary time is a great way to take advantage of some well-deserved self-care. Massage therapy

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Man with jaw pain

Relieve jaw pain with Intra-Oral Massage Treatment

Do you suffer with jaw pain? If so, you are not alone. It is estimated that 1 in 10 people in the UK have issues with their temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and it is more prevalent now than ever. What is a TMJ disorder? The TMJ acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your

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A close up of a pair of sandy feet. National Feet Week

National Feet Week

March 8th – 15th Local podiatrist Sarah Byrne has shared these great tips for looking after your feet. Find out more about Podiatry, what it is, what they treat and how often you should see your podiatrist. What is Podiatry? A ‘pod’, or podiatrist is a medical professional devoted to the study and medical treatment

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Infographic on optimal desk posture when home working to avoid neck and shoulder tightness

Neck and shoulder tightness from your COVID home desk?

Due to continued lockdowns and the requirement to work from home wherever possible, you may have had to adapt your home desk environment for long term usage. But are you set up in the right way? Are you suffering from nagging pains in the neck and shoulder areas? Is your home desk set-up actually causing

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Postponed or Cancelled Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic surgery relates to surgery that is performed on the bones and joints. Unfortunately, due to the demands that Covid is having on the NHS, elective orthopaedic surgery is being postponed or cancelled. People waiting for procedures like hip and knee replacements are now stuck and don’t know what to do. What should I do

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Person having a massage possibly a cancer massage to help alleviate physical and emotional symptoms

Oncology (Cancer) Massage: Busting the myths

Cancer. Probably the scariest 6 letter word for anyone to hear. Cancer impacts most people at some point in their lives. Whether it’s a friend, a coworker, a family member or yourself, there’s a high likelihood that you know someone who has had or will have cancer. A big part of the cancer experience is

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